I wish I could fall in love again
Not that I haven’t tried
But I just can’t feel it.

I’ve kissed and dated different men
From prim and proper,
to drunks and dangerous.

I did try ..
And until now I’m still hoping,
But I can’t believe that I’m still hurting.

I always feels this ache in my chest,
Whenever I try to breathe
It’s kinda suffocating It feels like dying.

I wanna go on and live my life,
But your memories seems to keep me from moving on,
And I can’t live like this.

I’m at the peak of my problems
But i still manage to write
A poem about you.

I know this is crazy
And terribly insane,
But I need you..

I long for you..
You were my life, my everything.
And not having you here makes me wanna give up to life.

You are my strength,
You are my hope.
You teach me how to live.

But when you left
You took everything.
And I’m left w/ nothing and my heart empty.